About us


The company Hidrostroitel PA was founded in 2004 and is one of the leading construction companies in the municipality of Samokov. It specializes in the direction - industrial, civil and hydraulic engineering construction. It also successfully implements construction, repair and reconstruction of infrastructure objects. In just a few years, the management, specialists and workers have proven their qualities and established themselves on the construction market. Today, they are a particularly sought-after and preferred partner in the diverse activities they offer and do not stop improving. The company continuously receives admiration for its work from its customers and partners, and the most common terms they use to characterize it are quality and honesty


For its part, the management team is working hard to increase and improve the company's technical equipment, as well as to better train the team. By doing so, the company shows an attitude towards its overall activities that is characteristic of European and global construction standards. The definition "of European type and European quality" applies to Hidrostroitel PA, which makes it a sought-after partner also outside the region in which it was founded.